What’s new on Netflix in January 2021?


What’s new on Netflix in January 2021? Well, the streaming service will no longer have The Office in the new year, but it starts out 2021 with the third season of one of its biggest original series. It will also have some more Oscar-worthy original films, and Nicholas Cage hosting a documentary on swearing. 

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If the streaming service looks like it will have something for you to watch, you can sign up for Netflix at the link below.

Cobra Kai Season 3 (January 1)

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai were already big streaming hits for YouTube Red, but their transfer to Netflix in the fall of 2020 turned The Karate Kid sequel series into a true pop culture phenomenon. Now Season 3 of this dramedy series hits on New Year’s Day, and it looks like long-time karate enemies Daniel and Johnny might actually be  . . . teaming up?

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History of Swear Words (January 5)

Nicholas Cage may be the perfect person to host this comedy-themed documentary series. He goes into the etymology of various curse words, with the help of some real historians. Really, how can you not want to watch this show?

Pieces of a Woman (January 7)

Vanessa Kirby plays a young expectant mother in this drama film. She decides to have a homebirth for her child. However, the experience goes wrong, and she blames the attending midwife. She has to deal with the court fight with the midwife, along with other pressures from her husband, her other family members, and herself. Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn, Molly Parker, and Iliza Shlesinger are also part of this cast.

Outside the Wire (January 15)

This sci-fi movie takes place in the near future. Damson Idris plays a drone pilot who has to try and stop a nuclear bomb from going off. He gets some help from a human-looking android, who happens to look just like actor Anthony Mackie.

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