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To help you stick to your New Year’s resolution to get in shape, Netflix will stream Nike workouts

As part of its ongoing expansion into new genres, Netflix has announced that starting on December 30, all customers will have access to streaming fitness courses from the Nike Training Club.

The courses will be released in two waves, with the second wave scheduled for release at varying times during the next year. Upon completion, Netflix claims you’ll get access to more than 30 hours’ worth of fitness sessions. Within the first batch, you get access to five programmes totaling 90 exercises presented over 46 films. There will be English and nine other languages accessible for use. While it’s impossible to predict exactly what each exercise will include, you can probably make some informed guesses based on the titles.


Example: the six-part series Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga will focus on providing viewers with a foundational understanding of the vinyasa style of yoga. Two Weeks to a Stronger Core is a seven-part fitness programme designed to help you build a stronger midsection and back. The 14 episodes of HIT & Strength with Tara will most likely focus on high-intensity training (HIT) activities designed to get you to work up a good sweat.

Both of the others are left rather open. You may choose between the 6-episode Feel-Good Fitness and the 13-episode Kickstart Fitness with the Basics. According to Nike’s own press release, Training Club “[serves] all fitness levels, [needs] minimum to no equipment, and [covers] a wide spectrum of training kinds, durations, and intensities.” These latter two are, if anything, easier and more suited to newcomers to the world of fitness.

We contacted both firms to find out more about the specific features of their respective fitness apps and the languages supported. If we get a response, we will include it here.

Developing a Foothold

Netflix has already included several types of health and wellness programming. When the site first introduced Headspace material in January 2021, it included meditation tutorials and session guidelines to help users get started. To that end, Netflix has made headlines this year by releasing video games based on its hit series, such as Stranger Things, but the games leave a lot to be desired and are not particularly well received by fans. While we applaud Netflix’s efforts to innovate in the content creation realm, we hope that their planned 2023 crackdown on password sharing isn’t implemented prematurely (opens in new tab).

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