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Reportedly, Apple has abandoned plans to release a 14-inch iPad Pro

We can put a stop to the 14.1-inch iPad Pro speculations and discussion now that we know it won’t be introduced in 2023, according to a trusted source.

According to Ross Young, an analyst at DisplaySearch, Apple has decided not to introduce a 14.1-inch iPad Pro in the first quarter of 2023. If you believe Young, “Apple’s new 14.1-inch form factor will not be released. As far as Young is concerned, development of the gadget has either been shelved outright or put on indefinite hold.”

Fun fact: Young was one of the first people to publicly discuss Apple’s plans for the 14.1-inch iPad Pro. Even if Apple really did test and consider releasing such a gadget, the prototype stage is apparently where it will remain dead… at least for the time being.

Many iPad owners were hoping for a bigger iPad Pro to be released, as they believed that the larger screen would make the device more suited for productivity jobs like video editing and graphic design, as well as those who are always trying to find an iPad to replace their Mac.

Could Apple release an iPad Pro with a 14-inch screen?

A large-screen iPad Pro doesn’t seem to be coming in 2023, but that doesn’t mean Apple won’t add one at some point. Reporter Mark Gurman speculated that the bigger tablet will “reach shops a couple of years down the road at the earliest” after learning about the company’s development on the new device.

Those anticipating an iPad Pro Max may likely still hold out hope. You may want to go for the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro if you’re looking to buy an iPad Pro right now.

It has also been speculated that Apple is working on transitioning the iPad Pro series from mini-LED to OLED panels. For the average user, it may be even more noticeable than an expanded screen size.