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The panic button may be pressed by Google to defend Search against ChatGPT

Google is taking precautions to secure the company’s future in the face of the meteoric surge in popularity of artificial intelligence applications like ChatGPT and Dall-E. The Mountain View company is worried that this is the start of something that would destroy its industry.

Executives at Google reportedly see ChatGPT as a significant competitive threat to the company’s Search offering. Management has reportedly declared a “code red” because the situation is so dire. Reportedly, CEO Sundar Pichai has started shifting resources away from ongoing initiatives and towards the development of AI-based solutions.

ChatGPT’s capacity to respond to a user’s query with relevant data is what has Google worried. Its strength is that it does more than simply give a list of links; it really answers questions and offers advice. The tool is still in its early stages of development, thus it may sometimes provide misleading or even harmful results.

Although the tool has several problems, it has shown that it has the potential to become a game-changer in the market. Google, though, isn’t content to just wait things out.

The New York Times notes that Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LMDA) is a chatbot that might compete with ChatGPT (LaMDA). You may recall that earlier this year, a former Google employee claimed the bot was sentient, and that this made news.

The only issue with finishing and distributing LaMDA is the concern that the bot may eat into Google’s search ad revenue model, as reported by The New York Times. People are less likely to click on ads if they get precise answers to their queries.

No matter what Google chooses to do to counteract this apparent danger to its company, it probably won’t have to move quickly. We’ve shown that ChatGPT has some serious flaws; it doesn’t always get it right, and it may even provide biassed or offensive responses when asked a question. Those kinks need time to be smoothed out.