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For more accurate results, Google Chat extends search capabilities to the web

Google, despite its size and diversity, has never abandoned its original mission of providing a premier search engine. Google has been working hard to enhance the quality of the search experience across all of its services. Most recently, Google Chat gained the capability of displaying keyword suggestions as you typed in order to assist you in narrowing your search. Thanks to search chips, we no longer have to wade through mountains of text in emails and instant messages to get the information we need. This functionality has been available in Gmail since 2020, and the Chat mobile app added it in the previous year, but the web version of the service has been left in the cold. Finally, Google is showing some love to web-based chitchat by releasing its long-awaited search capabilities.

The search criteria let you to zero in on exactly what you’re looking for, down to the sender, the date range, and the precise discussion. You may narrow your searches by selecting specific criteria, such as the presence of a certain word or phrase, a specific person’s name, or the presence of an attachment or link. Users with traditional G Suite Basic and Business accounts, or even those with simply a personal Google account, should see the search chips when conducting a search, since the functionality is available to everyone, not only Workspace customers.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the chips in Chat; they function in much the same way as Gmail’s search bar: put your terms in the search bar at the top, hit enter, and the chips will appear below the search box in the unfiltered results. Click the “chip” you’d want to use to further narrow the results. These instructions apply whether you’re launching Chat directly in your browser or gaining access to the service through Gmail.

Google’s “chips,” which are simply straightforward search filters but go by a fancier moniker, nonetheless save customers a lot of time and effort. Chat’s new search criteria should make it easy to zero in on a certain message or file without having to go through a tonne of irrelevant results.