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Optimizing Protein Purification with Magnetic Beads Using the Opentrons Automation System

Dive into the future of laboratory efficiency and precision with the Opentrons Flex Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation. Designed for scientists seeking to streamline their protein purification and proteomics workflows, this state-of-the-art system is a game-changer in laboratory automation. From enzymatic lysis to SDS and Native PAGE sample preparation, the Flex Workstation offers a comprehensive solution for small-scale protein purification, ensuring high-quality results with minimal manual intervention.

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy at Your Fingertips

With the inclusion of cutting-edge components like the Heater-Shaker Module, Magnetic Block, Flex Robot, and precision-engineered pipettes, the Opentrons Flex Workstation is your ally in achieving unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in protein purification processes. The workstation’s unique integration of automated systems reduces manual errors and significantly saves time, allowing researchers to focus on what truly matters – groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Comprehensive Solution for Diverse Applications

Whether you’re performing enzymatic and chemical lysis, SP3 sample preparation for LCMS, BCA and Bradford assays, or magnetic bead-based purification, the Opentrons Workstation is equipped to handle a wide range of applications. Its versatility extends to protein labeling and sample preparation for both SDS and Native PAGE, making it a versatile tool for any proteomics lab.

What’s Included: Your Gateway to Automated Protein Purification

Each Opentrons Flex Workstation comes fully equipped with the necessary hardware, consumables, and tailor-made protocols to kickstart your protein purification or proteomics sample preparation assays. This includes the innovative Flex Robot, Flex Gripper, single and 8-channel pipettes designed for precision, and a suite of modules such as the Flex Magnetic Block and the optional Temperature Module. Not to forget, a vast array of accessories and labware to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless operation.

Custom Protocol Development for Tailored Solutions

Understanding that every research project has unique needs, the Opentrons team offers personalized protocol development services. This ensures that your protein purification process is optimized for the best possible outcomes, tailored specifically to your research requirements.

Optimize Your Lab Workflow Today

Step into the future of protein purification with the Opentrons Flex Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation. Embrace the power of automation and let the Opentrons Workstation transform your lab’s efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Explore how this innovative solution can support your research endeavors and propel your projects to new heights.