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The typing on Corsair keyboards started on their own, but it’s not malware

Your brand new, state-of-the-art Corsair keyboard is not possessed if it randomly and inexplicably begins typing whole phrases that you previously wrote days or weeks ago.

No viruses, keyloggers, or other information-stealing programmes have been detected on it. In reality, it’s merely an unsightly flaw of which Corsair was previously unaware; the company is presently looking into the issue.

Users of Corsair’s K100 keyboard have reported the news, which was initially reported, on the company’s forum. The claims claim that the keyboard has begun typing in whole phrases previously inputted by the user. When the user made a mistake and went back to fix it, the keyboard just repeated the user’s previous actions.

There has been no wrongdoing

As a result, people were understandably concerned that a data thief was active. After all, the keyboard may be used to type in secret codes or to recite private messages without anybody else knowing.

The keyboard was first thought to be infected with malware, however analysis in safe mode revealed that it was just malfunctioning.

The K100, it turns out, includes a hidden macro recording feature that may randomly activate and start documenting your keystrokes and mouse clicks. The macros are recorded for subsequent random playback.

“Corsair keyboards categorically do not collect user input in any form and do not have the capacity to monitor individual keystrokes,” a company spokeswoman told Ars Technica.

The corporation may have figured out how to reproduce the glitch, but they still don’t know what’s causing it.

Corsair is looking into the issue at the moment, and the first thing they found was that a factory reset of the device wouldn’t fix the problem. Still, if you’re giving a presentation and need to pause the keyboard so you can type in your password, unplugging it and holding down the ESC button for five seconds before putting it back in will do the trick.