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Waze starts testing its warnings for hazardous roads

Waze launches an experiment to improve the app’s usefulness for drivers who want to stay safe on the road.

GeekTime reports that a new feature of Waze’s beta programme will send users warnings about potentially hazardous driving conditions. Waze is now being tested to alert drivers when they are approaching a stretch of road where there have been several incidents. These high-risk corridors are color-coded in red, and Waze will warn you when you’re getting close to them and limit how long you can stay there.

Waze seems to be banking on drivers paying attention to this warning in an effort to reduce the number of accidents that occur on roads that have a poor safety record.

Your regular routes of travel don’t seem to have any warning signs posted about potential hazards. If there are many red roads in the vicinity, Waze will only alert you once. However, once this functionality is available in a stable release, users may choose to disable it in their settings by navigating to Notifications and Reports > History of traffic accidents.

There has been no announcement on when this new function will become available to all users.

Google Maps and Waze, among others, are excellent at informing drivers of traffic conditions and other crucial facts. It was recently announced that Google will be combining its Waze and Maps teams into one. It was announced that 500 Waze workers will join the Maps, Google Earth, and Street View teams at Google as part of the company’s Geo division. It seems that this might go place without any layoffs being necessary.

It was also said that because of this merger, Waze’s technical assistance will improve. Perhaps this is a result of the growing support for Google Maps and Waze, which both need to interpret and send crucial information like accidents and congestion to drivers.