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We’re excited about the possibility of a more colourful budget phone from Samsung

Leaked images purport to show a next Samsung gadget in a rainbow of hues. According to the leak from The Tech Outlook, the Galaxy A34 has respectable midrange specifications, including a 6.5-inch 1080p OLED display, a 48-megapixel primary camera, and an Exynos CPU. The variety of colours available, though, is the most intriguing part. It’s about darn time, if these images are genuine, that cheap phones receive a splash of colour in 2023.

Phone manufacturers apparently came to the conclusion not too long ago that black phones were the only colour desired by Americans, especially those on a tight budget. If you take a look at the Samsung A-series possibilities right now, you’ll see that most models only come in black. Another option is fantastic black, which seems to be simply another term for black. In contrast, the S22 series and the Z Flip 4 provide a wide variety of colour options, including burgundy, purple, and any other hue you might imagine for the foldable.

There is some improvement in Apple and Google’s performance, but it is little. The Pixel 6A is offered in black, white, and sage, while the 2022 iPhone SE comes in black, white, and crimson. Just doesn’t have the same zing as lime. When it comes to their flagship devices, other manufacturers like Motorola and OnePlus adhere to the tried-and-true black-phone-plus-something-else formula, but as you go down into the lower price points, the options get more muted.

Surely asking for the moon to be painted anything other than black is too much to expect.

Why? Is this a way to save costs and maintain low pricing on affordable phones? Is it because US carriers have so much sway over the US smartphone industry that manufacturers are being pressured into just releasing their most uninteresting devices here? Are we satisfied with just purchasing a black smartphone, protecting it with a cover, and calling it a day? All of the aforementioned are plausible explanations, I think.

Unfortunately, even if these vibrant Samsung A34 choices are the actual thing, we probably won’t see them. They’re destined for sale in countries where brightly coloured smartphones are more popular. It doesn’t seem necessary to me; surely it wouldn’t be too much to ask for the moon to be any other colour but black. Although a new fantastic black phone is more likely to be on my desk in the near future, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that more coloured phones at every price range will be available in 2023.