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To compete with ChatGPT, Google is testing its own AI chatbot

Google has started developing Apprentice Bard, an AI chatbot that is comparable to ChatGPT and is in many ways more beneficial than Google search.

And it might appear shortly. Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, said that the company would provide its own AI language model tools to the general public “in the next weeks and months” despite announcing dismal fourth-quarter financial results.

A big language model, a kind of artificial intelligence used by ChatGPT, was trained on a significant amount of internet data. That kind of model employs a transformer, an AI device invented by Google. Even if its findings may be deceptive or incorrect, ChatGPT’s success in anything from producing software to passing examinations to giving advise on how to remove a sandwich from a VCR in the King James Bible style has catapulted it into the tech limelight.

Similar to ChatGPT, Google’s Apprentice Bard tool also tests a question-and-answer structure for search results, according to CNBC. In a 2022 meeting, Jeff Dean, the head of Google Research, informed the staff that the company is taking a more cautious approach to minimise the “reputational risk” of AI that provides poor results.

The report’s contents were not addressed by Google, but spokeswoman Lily Lin said in a statement that “We have long been committed to creating and implementing AI that would enhance people’s lives. We continue to internally test our AI technology to make sure it is beneficial and secure, and we anticipate soon sharing additional experiences with others.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already present all around us, assisting with tasks like detecting credit card fraud and text message translation. Although ChatGPT technology has raised expectations, it is certain that technology will play a bigger role in our lives as we depend more on digital assistants and online resources.

DeepMind, a division of Google AI, is also collaborating. Demis Hassabis, the chief executive, revealed to Time that his business is thinking about testing the private beta version of Sparrow, an AI chatbot, in 2023.