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The new Citizen watch utilises AI and NASA technologies to assess your level of weariness

With more and more companies entering the smartwatch industry, competitors are pushing manufacturers to differentiate their wares in unique ways. That’s what Citizen achieved at CES with its latest CZ Smartwatch, which uses artificial intelligence and NASA technology to track your day’s sleepiness or wakefulness.

The smarts of the watch lie in the accompanying CZ Smart YouQ app, which provides wearers with insights into their own fatigue patterns and predictions about when they may feel tired, as well as advice on how to alter those patterns for a more restful and productive day.

The CZ Smart YouQ app includes a daily, user-tailored “Alert Monitor” exam to assess the wearer’s state of mind. The exam is based on the Psychomotor Vigilance Task Test (PVT+), which is used to evaluate astronauts’ cognitive abilities at NASA.

Within seven to ten days of use, the CZ Smart YouQ software analyses the user’s sleep data and Alert Scores using artificial intelligence developed in the IBM Watson Studio workspace to precisely determine the user’s chronotype (their preferred sleep and waking time).

President of Citizen Watch America Jeffrey Cohen called the newest CZ Smartwatch a “game-changing device” that combined Citizen’s heritage in watchmaking with the cutting-edge technologies developed by NASA and IBM.

The watch takes into account the user’s chronotype in addition to other data like activity and heart rate to provide custom Power Fixes, which are tailored pieces of advice designed to boost energy and alertness.

CZ Smart YouQ learns more about you as you use the watch, so its recommendations and forecasts will be more spot-on in the future.

The watch also has a battery life of more than 24 hours and works with Google Fit, Strava, Spotify, YouTube Music, Alexa, Android, and iOS. According to Citizen, the YouQ app will not be introduced until the CZ smartwatches enter their second generation.

The watch will come in a variety of styles that can be selected by the user, such as a sport version with silicone, leather, and stainless-steel straps, and a casual version with a mesh bracelet, stainless steel links, and silicone straps.

In March of 2023, at a starting price of $350, the CZ Smart PQ watch will hit store shelves in the United States. Every available Citizen model, along with its price, is mentioned on the company’s website.