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Samsung recently confirmed the launch date for the Galaxy S23

We’ve had months of rumours about when Samsung could release the Galaxy S23, but it seems like we can mark February 1, 2023 on our calendars with some degree of certainty now.

While Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed the date, a teaser for a Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1 was posted on the company’s Colombian site. The teaser seems to have been removed from the Samsung Colombia webpage, or we are just terrible at finding it.

As close as official as you can get without really being so. Considering it lines up with prior speculations from trustworthy sources that pointed to the same day, we’d say it’s pretty much clear that February 1 will be the date for the big announcement.


When Samsung does decide to get around to showing its next crop of flagships, it’s unlikely to have too many surprises for us, given how detailed the leaks have been for the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23 Plus and the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It seems that the Ultra model will serve as a template for the other two phones in the series, which will also include elevated camera lenses on the back. The range of colours the phones will come in has also been previewed for us.

There’s been plenty of chatter about camera enhancements too, particularly when it comes to the Ultra model. If the reports are accurate, then both well-lit and poorly-lit photos and videos will look better than ever before.

Samsung retaliates

There are three flagship smartphones that are released each year: Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Pixel, and Samsung’s Galaxy S, but only one of them is released at the beginning of the year.

That makes Samsung a competitor in a different league than Apple and Google. The release dates of the iPhone 14 and the Pixel 7 put them in close competition with one another (September and October respectively). Samsung’s Galaxy S22 was almost seven months old when Apple released the iPhone 14.

Samsung is either half a year ahead of, or behind, its big-name competition, depending on your point of view. By adopting this method, Samsung is ensuring that its flagship smartphones will get significant media coverage regardless of the actions taken by Apple and Google.

With the release of the Galaxy S23, Samsung seems to be both responding to 2018’s competitive smartphone market and setting the standard for the next year. The next inquiry is whether or not the Galaxy S23 phones will be noticeably better than the Galaxy S22 models.