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Release of Apple VR has been delayed; a leak suggests a spring or WWDC announcement

More detailed data from the same source states the headset is behind schedule and may not be introduced by Apple until as late as WWDC, which contradicts a rumour from last month that suggested Apple VR might not be available until the second half of 2023.

Apple VR “is behind schedule owing to challenges with mechanical component drop testing and the availability of software development tools,” according to a tweet from reliable Apple source Ming-Chi Kuo.

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As a result, he claims that the next-best iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 15, won’t be released until the end of the second quarter of 2023 or the third quarter of 2023.

Time of Apple’s Virtual Reality Release

Consequently, Kuo claims that it “is more improbable that Apple would conduct a media event for the new iPhone in January,” a notion that had been circulating at one time last year.

Kuo now believes that Apple will introduce Apple VR “during a spring media event or WWDC,” which could happen as early as March or as late as June. At WWDC, Apple is expected to reveal the future versions of its operating systems, macOS and watchOS, as well as the next versions of iOS and iPadOS for the iPhone and iPad.

After a flurry of fresh details about the headgear earlier this week, the delayed release date comes as a bitter pill to swallow.

According to The Information’s Wayne Ma, Apple VR may not have a built-in power source but instead ship with an external battery pack that is cable-connected to the headset. Lightening the load would relieve strain on the user’s head and neck, and having removable battery packs would enable people play for longer without having to constantly plug in.

According to the rumour mill, Apple’s headgear also features a 120-degree field of view and a Digital Crown for switching between VR and AR. The headgear is envisioned as providing both virtual reality and augmented reality as a source of entertainment.