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The killer Galaxy Tab A8 deal from Samsung has nearly run out of stock

To this day, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 remains one of our most favoured Android tablets available. There’s a lot of value for the money here, from the screen to the available memory and storage space, and it’s improved by a price cut. The 128GB model comes with more than enough RAM for multitasking and gaming, but if it sells out before you can get it, the 64GB variant has more than enough RAM for virtually the same price.

Three of the five finest Android tablets in 2022 are from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range. The Tab S8 is our top pick, while the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is our Premium Pick. If you’re looking for a cheap tablet but prioritise quality above cost, consider the Galaxy Tab A8. The Galaxy Tab S8 lineup is also selling well, but at a price that remains unmoved between $600 and $1000. The Galaxy Tab A8 is a great option if you want to give a tablet to a young person (or an older relative) for the holidays without breaking the bank.

In particular, the 128GB model is recommended due to its superior performance compared to the other storage sizes; it is also the most heavily discounted at $100 off; however, Samsung and Amazon have sold out of all remaining stock until January. Although Best Buy’s online inventory is depleted, the retailer can assist you in locating a Tab A8 in a physical store near you so that you can purchase it before they’re all gone (unlike B&H and Walmart, which appear to be completely out of the 128GB models; in fact, even the 64GB model is sold out at B&H).

Even while the Galaxy Tab A8’s base model 32GB is priced at just $150, which is well within impulse-buy area, there are a few compelling reasons to go for at least the 64GB version. To begin with, a tablet with only 32GB of storage is inadequate for a device whose primary purpose is to play games and watch videos. Game apps may start off little in size, but the more you collect/play/use, the more the user data increases, thus it won’t take long until you fill up a 32GB tablet with just the operating system and your normal apps and games, let alone movies and music for the lengthy journey to Walt Disney World. Yes, the Tab A8 can take advantage of a reliable microSD card to boost your capacity, but that space can’t be used for everything.

Even while 64GB provides a lot more space, the RAM is what really makes going with 64GB or 128GB worthwhile. There may not seem to be much of a difference between 3GB and 4GB of RAM, but you will notice it while moving between apps or playing more demanding mobile games. More internal storage is preferable since even the fastest microSD card will not perform as well as internal storage when it comes to storing game data or app data. The 128GB model is a no-brainer at $230, while the 64GB variant is a steal at $200, and both will have you set for Christmas morning.

All three models of the A8 have a 10.5″ screen, 6.9mm in thickness, and narrow bezels. While the Octa-core CPU and contemporary design aren’t exactly performance powerhouses, they do provide for a well-rounded offering that should meet the demands of the vast majority of consumers. Examples of appropriate applications include surfing the web, watching movies, playing casual games, and using apps and games designed to teach young children. However, there aren’t many high-quality tablets available at this price point that can do all of these functions adequately.

Regardless of whatever one you choose, use the money you save to treat yourself to the best case for the Galaxy Tab A8. As a result of the Galaxy Tab A8’s immense popularity, it now has a wider variety of covers than the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, as well as more colour options and cheaper costs because to economies of scale. Even while the Supcase UB Pro serves as a case and a screen protector in one convenient package, the Poetic TurtleSkin is more comfortable to hold and is available in a larger range of colours.