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Get ready for a cramped Google Search bar on your Android device

Google Search is a robust app that can scour the web and delve deeply into your Android device’s internal storage and files. The Google Search user interface for Android hasn’t been updated in a while, despite the fact that Google’s underlying algorithms for delivering relevant results are constantly being tweaked. But that’s about to change, as the Google app for Android is undergoing some testing for a fresh look and some useful feature updates.

An all-new Search bar for the Google app was among the many enhancements announced by Google at this year’s Search On event. A Telegram community that follows all Google updates saw the new Search interface on an Android phone before the company announced a rollout date.

Only the Search bar has been modified; voice and Lens search continue to function as before. The search box now has a new carousel of suggested queries underneath it. The first one provides a contextual choice, such as searching from a recently captured screenshot; this option is also shown at the moment you start typing your search query. More recommendations, including how to utilise Google Lens to finish assignments and identify music, may be found by scrolling to the right in the carousel.

To be clear, Google Search already has all of these capabilities; but, with these shortcuts, users may quickly access these features, or perhaps learn about them for the first time. The addition of the notification bell in the Android version of the Google app is the most notable change. Notifications for the channels you follow will appear here, next to your profile picture.

The question of whether Google is conducting a small test or making these enhancements available to everyone remains unanswered at this time. Google may take some time before making these UI updates universally accessible, since they haven’t yet appeared on our devices.

Google Search is getting a lot more in the works than just these cosmetic updates. In the future, Google, for instance, may potentially display results before you’ve completed typing. This is distinct from the present autocomplete feature of search engines. At the Search On event in September, Google promised to bring out many more capabilities like this.