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The Best Addition I Found in 2021: The Massage Gun

Whether it’s because I’m tall or lazy, my body posture is terrible. It’s only gotten worse since I’ve been working from home without the supervision of coworkers to keep me from slumping over my computer. That, combined with more time spent inside as a result of reduced activity levels, has resulted in recurring shoulder discomfort that originated when I was a student.

Using a massage gun safely is perfectly safe.

Avoid bony regions

Use a percussion massage gun on muscles only.

Never apply on injuries

Using a vibrating device on a strain or sprain makes it worse.

Keep the head up and moving.

Don’t keep the massage gun in any one spot for too long.

Stop if you begin to feel uneasy.

If it doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts.

These massage guns are amazing for relieving tension in my lower back. I’ve always thought of massage guns as something you use after a hard workout to improve blood circulation and recovery – they’re fantastic for that. I’ve discovered that this sort of treatment from these gadgets may also assist with stiff shoulders when done at home.

I’ve been able to try a number of hand-held massage gadgets recently, and one thing is clear: even if the settings are adjusted, they deliver a powerful pounding that might be too much for frail shoulders. That may be good for big muscle groups, but if you want to focus on smaller regions or prefer something gentler.

The Power Plate+ is a little massage gun that has become my constant companion while working from my spare bedroom. Despite its lengthy battery life and tiny stature, it’s no weakling; its higher settings provide for a decent, deep massage (despite the fact that it’s not as strong as full-sized massage equipment).

It’s also really tiny, so you can store it practically everywhere. It’s perfect for keeping in my desk drawer and utilizing whenever my muscles become tense. It’s just as crucial to know how to do it correctly.

It’s quite easy to accomplish.

Massage guns come with little booklets that describe how to target specific areas, but they’re usually tough to read. Power Plate has a smartphone app that can assist you in the process; simply pick a massage gun from the list provided and you’ll get comprehensive instructions on how to use it, as well as videos. It’s a nice touch that makes things easier.

However, caution is necessary. It’s not a good idea to use a massage gun on your shoulder blades or (much more significantly) your spine. It’s also important not to apply a percussive massager to an issue. Applying one to a strain or sprain will only make things worse, so don’t do it if you’re experiencing inexplicable discomfort.)

Although it’s not recommended that you use a massage gun on your own, they nevertheless caution against holding them in one place for too long to avoid bruising. Instead, keep the head moving – and if it becomes painful or unpleasant at any time, stop.