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Google Chrome Adopts Popular New Feature from Edge

Google has introduced several new features in Chrome designed to streamline last-minute holiday shopping, even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed.

According to a recent blog entry, these features will assist users in tracking price drops, discovering sales deals, organizing items in their cart, and simplifying the checkout process when using Google’s browser on mobile devices.

New Shopping Features in Chrome for Android

One of the standout features in the latest update to Chrome for Android is the ability to view the current price of an item directly in your open tabs grid. This is particularly useful for those waiting on a price drop without having to constantly refresh the page. By leaving Google’s browser open on the desired item, users can quickly check if its price has dropped. Currently, this feature is available in the United States for Android users, with a rollout to iOS expected soon.

Enhanced Search with Google Lens

Have you ever encountered a fascinating product while window shopping and wanted to learn more about it? Google Lens in Chrome for Android now makes this possible. Users can use the Lens icon in the browser address bar to start searching with their camera. Additionally, this feature will be extended to Chrome for PC in the near future, where right-clicking on an image will present the option to “Search images with Google Lens.”

Cart Management and Discounts

It’s easy to forget items added to shopping carts across various online stores, which is why Google has introduced a new feature in Chrome to help users rediscover these items. Users can now access their shopping carts from any device. By opening a new tab and scrolling down to the “Your carts” card on Chrome for Windows or Mac in the United States, users can view sites where they previously placed items in a cart. Some retailers, including Zazzle, iHerb, Electronic Express, and Homesquare, may even offer discounts upon returning to check out.

Simplified Login and Checkout

Managing multiple online store logins and passwords can be challenging. Chrome’s built-in password manager offers a solution by securely storing and providing access to these credentials. Furthermore, Chrome can automatically fill out billing and shipping information using Autofill, making the checkout process quicker and more efficient by saving address and payment information.


Chrome’s new shopping features, whether you’re wrapping up your holiday shopping or seeking last-minute gifts, can help ensure a smooth and efficient shopping experience. These enhancements are designed to save time and money, making it easier for users to keep track of prices, manage their carts, and complete purchases seamlessly.