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Chrome Stole One of the Best New Edge Features

Google has introduced several new features in Chrome designed to make last-minute holiday shopping easier, even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed. According to a recent blog entry, these features will help you keep track of price drops, find sales deals, arrange goods in your cart, and simplify the checkout process when using Google’s browser on your mobile devices.

The latest update to Chrome for Android adds a neat little feature that lets you see the current price of an item in your open tabs grid if you’re waiting on a great deal but don’t want to refresh the page every couple seconds. This means that, when you leave Google’s browser open for an item you wish to purchase, you may immediately check whether its price has dropped. While this function is now available in Chrome for Android in the United States, it will be coming to iOS soon.

Have you ever seen a fascinating product while window shopping and wanted to learn more about it? With Google Lens in Chrome on Android, you may now do so. You may now utilize the Lens symbol in Google’s browser address bar to begin searching with your camera. It’s also worth noting that this feature will be added to Chrome for PC at a later date. When this functionality is accessible, right-clicking on an image will allow you to choose “Search images with Google Lens.”

We occasionally add goods to our carts for later and lose track of them, which is why Google has introduced a new feature to Chrome that enables you to quickly rediscover items in your shopping carts across several online stores.

Users can now access their carts from anywhere. You may now open a new tab and scroll down to the “Your carts” card on Chrome, Windows, or Mac in the United States to view any site where you’ve previously placed goods into a shopping basket. Some merchants, such as Zazzle, iHerb, Electronic Express, and Homesquare, may give you a discount when you check out again.

It can be difficult to keep track of all of your online store logins and passwords, which is why you may use Chrome’s built-in password manager to store and access them instead. Last but not least, Chrome may automatically fill out your billing and shipping information using Autofill by saving your address and payment information with it.

Chrome’s new purchasing functions, whether you’re finished with your holiday shopping or only need some last-minute gifts, may help you guarantee that everyone on your list is treated this year.