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For the new year, LG’s best-selling OLED TVs receive an update

LG has enjoyed an extraordinary run of success with their OLED TVs over the last several years. LG’s C1 has long been the flat screen to beat, so it’s no surprise that its 2022 range drew our (virtual) attention at CES this year. With a very slight upgrade to the best-selling TVs, adding some extra screen sizes and some other smarts to the family, it seems that the firm is willing to leave well enough alone.

OLED technology isn’t new; back in 2007, Sony showed off a version of an OLED television with poor resolution and a bank-breaking price tag. In recent years, technological advancements have quickened, bringing it closer within the reach of middle-class budgets. The OLED technology in issue eliminates the requirement for backlighting, which is present in earlier LED-lit LCD screens. In OLED technology, each each pixel is a small light-emitting diode, rather than a big light source that is blasted through an array of smaller colour pixels. This implies that when a pixel is turned off, it does not produce any light at all, resulting in incredible contrast and a jaw-dropping colour range. Due to the absence of backlight, TV producers may get creative with packaging; the smaller form factor allows for rollable or bendable TV panels.

LG’s televisions have won well-deserved CES Innovation Awards for the last eight years, and the firm was absolutely glowing with joy as it unveiled its latest plans for the future of television.

The business unveiled two new television series, the G2 and C2, both of which use improved OLED technology to provide even sharper graphics. LG says that this allows the displays to produce more brightness, clarity, and detail, all of which should result in more realistic pictures being projected into your home’s eyeholes.

LG’s 77-inch C2 with evo OLED technology, model 2022. In person, it probably looks even better. The LG 2022 G2 series has a new 83-inch variant as well as the world’s first 97-inch OLED screens. The additional sizes join the three existing sizes (55′′, 65′′, and 77′′) that are currently available in the collection. The LG G2 series receives a design update with a slick looking flush-to-the-wall mounting option dubbed “Gallery Design” by the firm.

For this year’s launch selection, the C2 series will include a total of six display sizes. It also has a 42-inch model, which is ideal for smaller spaces or console or computer gaming. There are 48-, 55-, 65-, 77-, and 83-inch models in addition to the newcomer.

A gleaming new user experience based on LG’s webOS 22 is also coming for 2022. The software contains personalizable profiles, which allow different users of the TVs to adjust their settings, choose which streaming services they prefer, and get personalised content suggestions based on their watching histories and other factors.

On the display side, there are a few minor improvements, with the manufacturer claiming that it has further enhanced its already class-leading colour rendition, brightness, and flicker-free experience. LG also emphasises its gaming credentials, stating that it is the first OLED TV to support Nvidia G-SYNC Compatibility, as well as the first 8K OLED TV to support full-on 8K gaming with Nvidia’s top-of-the-line RTX 30-Series graphics cards, as well as an array of gaming-specific settings and presets available through the company’s Game Optimizer menu.

There’s little question that reviews will start to appear soon, so keep a watch out for them in the coming weeks and months. If you managed to avoid CES in Las Vegas and have a strong desire to learn more about LG and its exciting new announcements, you may visit LG’s virtual exhibition booth starting at 8 a.m. PST on January 4th, 2022.