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Telegram can now be joined without a SIM card

The same way you need a phone number to join up for WhatsApp, Telegram needs that you provide one to create an account. Even while the top Android messaging software allows you conceal your phone number, some privacy-conscious users may feel uneasy about doing so. Until now, you needed a SIM card to sign up for Telegram, but that all changes with the newest version of the software.

To create a new Telegram account, you may now use Fragment‘s blockchain-based phone numbers. A one-time fee is required to get the hidden number for use in signing up for the chat service. If you’re concerned about your privacy and don’t want your Telegram account tied to your real cell number, this may seem like a reasonable compromise.

Make a one-time-use QR code to promote your profile. Any user who scans the code can add you as a contact in the messaging service without needing to know your phone number.

Additionally, with Telegram v9.2, you may now set chats to be automatically deleted. Since 2013, the platform has allowed for self-destructing messages, but there has been no method to periodically delete all of your previous conversations. The new Auto-Erase feature allows you to choose which conversations automatically delete once a user-set timer expires.

With Telegram9.2, Topics are now available to groups of 100 or more members, up from the previous restriction of 200. Using topics, moderators can section off the group to discuss a particular topic of interest to all users. As an illustration, a school Telegram group may designate one subject for all discussions connected to video games. This will make it easier to manage massive group discussions involving hundreds of people. When a new group is created on Telegram, a default subject called “General” will be added for everyone to discuss. Each group can have up to five pinned topics, and admins have the option to rename or conceal them.

In order to effectively combat spam, Telegram has introduced a new Aggressive Anti-Spam option for groups with more than 200 members. This function immediately activates spam filters to control unwanted communications.

Telegram 9.2 adds even additional features for Android users. Each conversation’s storage requirements are now clearly displayed on the Storage Usage page’s new layout. Freeing up space on your phone may also be accomplished by erasing the media files of specific chats. Telegram’s premium users may now express themselves with ten more personalised emoji packs. The update also includes new, interactive emoji with full-screen effects.