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Now included in Samsung’s self-repair programme are these devices

Samsung’s Self Repair Program, introduced the previous year, is a positive development that will hopefully reduce the number of individuals who take their broken phones to random man at the mall’s phone repair kiosk. As an added bonus, this comes at a time when governments all over the globe are debating whether or not customers should have the right to do their own repairs. Whether you’re for or against that particular policy (we’re always on the side of the do-it-yourselfers), Samsung has extended the programme to include more devices.

You may now purchase official parts and discover tutorials to repair your damaged iFixit gadget on iFixit for the Galaxy Book 15″, Galaxy Book Pro 360 15″, or any device in the Galaxy S22 family (S22, S22+, or Ultra). Screens, rear glass, cameras, batteries, and USB ports are all available as spare parts. All the major things that may go wrong with your vehicle are here.

Interested in knowing the price? Some instances are as follows:

  • Galaxy S22 Screen and Battery Replacement – $166
  • S22 Ultra Screen and Battery Replacement – $239
  • S22 Ultra Back Glass Replacement – $67
  • S22+ USB Port Replacement – $67
  • Galaxy Book Pro 360 Screen Replacement – $345

You can see that it’s not that bad, and if you don’t mind doing the job yourself, it might save you some money. If it means I can avoid the hassle of completing the task myself, then I’m willing to pay more for the privilege.