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A Grotesque Mockery, a Song by ChatGPT Written in the Style of Nick Cave

My eyes are on fire with vengeance.

The experimental AI chatbot ChatGPT wrote the sentence “in the manner of Nick Cave,” and it sums up the singer-interpretation songwriter’s of song perfectly.

On his website The Red Hand Files, the lead singer of the Bad Seeds responded to a question from a fan by saying, “This song is bullshit, a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human.” The site features a wide range of questions from fans on topics such as music, movies, artistic inspiration, god, love, and more.

Mark from New Zealand contributed the song, but it’s not the first “Cave” song written on ChatGPT and sent to the 65-year-old Australian musician. Since the launch of OpenAI’s new tool, he’s received hundreds of them. The programme is designed to reply to written inquiries and prompts, generating replies by analysing vast quantities of online data.

The tool is capable of producing AP English essays, jokes, poetry, computer code, and, obviously, songs “in the manner of Nick Cave,” and it is inspiring awe, humour, horror, and apparently unending stunts that seek to determine the true extent of AI’s intellect. However, Cave is firmly in the camp that doesn’t envision AI tools winning Grammys, despite the fact that he admits ChatGPT can certainly produce adequate sermons or obituaries.

Songs, Cave explains, are founded on “the complicated, interior human battle of creation,” whereas “as far as I know, algorithms do not feel.” “The integrity of data is not compromised. ChatGPT has the ability for a shared transcendent experience because it has no boundaries from which to transcend; it has no inner being, it has gone nowhere, it has experienced nothing, and it has not had the courage to strive beyond its limitations.”

Songwriting is described by Cave in lyrical, profoundly felt human language that effectively illustrate his idea. In the near future, at least, it’s hard to see ChatGPT spitting out a text like the one below.

It is the reverse of pastiche, imitation, and imitation to compose a decent song, the songwriter writes. “It’s a senseless act of murder that wipes out one’s life’s work. The artist is propelled beyond the boundaries of his or her familiar self by such perilous, heart-stopping excursions.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) efforts at creation aren’t, of course, generated in a vacuum, so you can expect a lot more artists to weigh in on the topic. Concerns about ethics and copyright issues are being voiced by artists and attorneys as AI systems learn to absorb and re-create human works of art. In addition to concerns about art’s basic foundations.