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More gaming content is demonetized by new YouTube policies

YouTube stated last month that new guidelines for content moderation would be introduced by the end of the year. Creators in the gaming industry, in particular, are reporting higher rates of demonetization, indicating that these shifts are already in effect.

The purpose of the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines is to provide content creators with more information about the criteria used in determining which videos should be demonetized due to content restrictions, such as foul language or graphic violence. YouTube even made a special “gaming content creators” playlist! Therefore, the policy appears to be a broader critique of the depiction of violence in games.

Many games should work just fine (assuming their developers follow all other restrictions), but many others are highly unlikely to be monetized at all. Some examples of content that will disqualify a video from being monetized include “graphic dead bodies in a non-educational video” and “ultra graphic violent acts (including those involving law enforcement) and injuries.”

Videos featuring The Callisto Protocol gameplay were reportedly demonetized, according to many creators. With such a drastic shift, developers will have less of an incentive to work on games with ethical concerns. If they don’t, YouTube might stop paying them. YouTube and its content producers are a significant promotional outlet for the video game industry. As a result, game designers may decide to reduce the amount of bloodshed in their next projects. Further, this may have a significant effect on competitive online games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.