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iPhone users must say goodbye to the Dark Sky Weather app soon

Fans of Dark Sky will have to choose an other weather app or use Apple’s own offering. According to the app’s website, you won’t be able to use the famous weather app that Apple bought in 2020 after Saturday, December 31.

Though it had been publicised beforehand, that day is now more important than ever because of the impending shutdown. When compared to other weather applications, Dark Sky stood out for its minute-by-minute predictions. About a year after announcing Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, and Apple Arcade, Apple purchased Dark Sky as part of a larger effort to strengthen its applications and digital service offerings.

As of March 31st, the Dark Sky API and website will no longer be accessible, although previously bought versions of the software will continue to function normally. API stands for “application programming interface,” and it allows third-party programmers to use Dark Sky’s weather data in their own programmes.

According to Dark Sky, Apple has integrated its weather forecasting technologies into the new Weather app, and the WeatherKit API is now accessible to developers making applications for Apple’s platforms.

A few months after Apple bought Dark Sky (in August 2020), Google withdrew the app from Android. At the end of September, Apple took Dark Sky off of the App Store.