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Owners of the Pixel 7 report cracked rear camera glass

The Google Pixel 7 series, which follows up on last year’s successful Pixel 6 smartphones, has been one of the year’s most anticipated and well-received flagship launches. As we all know by now, though, not even the Pixel 7 series is perfect, and the Pixel 7 has its fair share of problems. Because the #pixel7brokencamera hashtag has been used by a number of users to describe the mysterious shattering of the glass covering their phones’ back cameras.

One owner insists there must be a flaw in the product because he has never once dropped his phone in the month he’s had it and his case has never been damaged.

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Another Reddit user had a similar incident two months ago when he took his Pixel 7 out of his pocket and found the camera glass smashed. It’s possible that he struck his pocket while the gadget was there, but he’s not sure.

Similar problems were seen by another Pixel user who commented on the aforementioned Reddit thread. He even tried outsourcing to repair shops like UBreakiFix, where he was told that replacing the entire rear panel would set him back about $200. The customer presented Google with photos of the cracked glass, and the search giant agreed to repair the smartphone at the beginning of this month.

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Someone has broken the glass protecting the ultra-wide angle lens on a Pixel 7 Pro. It has been brought to light by several Twitter users that this issue with the back camera glass randomly shattering is not exclusive to the Pixel 7, but affects the Pixel 7 Pro as well. When the owner reported this problem to Google Support, they received a response from the team saying they were aware of it.

When the temperature suddenly dropped, one person who had a Pixel 7 realised that the glass case had cracked. The user tweets that the device’s glass cracked due to a dip in temperature from 16 degrees Celsius to -2 degrees Celsius.

December has seen a higher rate of glass-shattering events than any other month since the devices were introduced, and the rise in temperature may be to blame.

While numerous consumers have reported this issue across various channels, and Google has responded to some by confirming the problem and replacing their Pixel 7 devices, the corporation has not yet made a public statement.

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This is not the first time Google has had technical difficulties. It seems like switching to a camera visor made primarily of metal would have prevented this, but alas. Still, if the problem starts affecting a larger number of customers, the corporation may feel compelled to take action.