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In a commercial trial, Comcast completes the first live 10G connection

Using 10G and full duplex DOCSIS 4.0 (the technology powering cable modems), Comcast has revealed the first ever live, multigigabit symmetrical internet connection.

In2023, 10G networks will be rolled out over the Philadelphia area, and connecting one firm in the region will be the first step. The ultimate goal is to provide internet download and upload speeds of 10 Gbps. We’ll need this sort of technology if we want the metaverse to fulfil its potential.

By offering multigigabit symmetrical services across the connections already deployed in hundreds of millions of homes globally, 10G technology would reportedly transform the availability of ultra-fast speeds, according to Comcast.

Comcast hooked up a Philadelphia-area business to its live network, which included a DOCSIS 4.0-enabled 10G node and various cable modems, to conduct the first live trial of its kind in the world.

Engineers at Comcast have tried out 10G speeds at both ends of the connection, and they plan to start selling 10G-enabled services to customers in the second half of 2023.

Comcast’s president of technology, product, and experience, Charlie Herrin, said in a statement that the trial “combines years of technology innovation and versatility to create a clear path to next-generation speed, reliability, and performance for all the homes in our footprint, not just a select few.” The potential to maintain our long-standing dedication to providing the greatest technologies to everyone we serve is what excites us the most about 10G technology.

With the advancements in 10G technology that Comcast has achieved over the past 24 months, including multiple firsts in the globe, this live experiment is possible. Most recently, in September, the company completed a successful test of a 10G amplifier.

At the same time, the firm announced the beginning of the largest and quickest multi-gig deployment in United States history, which would provide multi-gig Internet speeds to more than 50 million households and businesses by the end of 2025.

Comcast Cable’s chief network officer, Elad Nafshi, said in a statement, “10G is a reality with the potential to transform and evolve the Internet as we know it.” The company made headlines at the beginning of the year when it announced the results of a world-first test of 10G modem technology capable of delivering multi-gig speeds to homes. We have made tremendous strides this past year, and we are committed to making 10G service—and its many advantages—available to all of our customers in the years to come.

Improved performance in latency-sensitive applications like gaming, video conferencing, and telemedicine will result from the transition to 10G, and a new generation of ultra-low-latency connected experiences will become possible.