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‘Harry & Meghan’ Trailer’s Newest Claims For William, people were “Happily to Lie”

On December 15, Netflix will release the last three episodes of Harry & Meghan. A new teaser for the series was released by the streaming site on Monday, and it gives the impression that the British prince would directly attack his brother, Prince William, who is now the first in line to the British throne.

It’s not only that Harry mentions William and Meghan uses the phrase “institutional gaslighting” to describe what happened to her, but that Harry also makes direct reference to William.

He claims his family “was always eager to lie to protect my brother, but never willing to reveal the truth to protect us.”

Who “they” are is unclear from the tape, although it’s presumably palace staff and not his own family.

The clip shows Harry and Meghan speculating about what may have happened to them if they had stayed in Britain, with Meghan perhaps implying that the couple’s life would have been in risk due to a lack of protection. They are “on the freedom flight,” Harry adds with a grin as he and his companion are shown filming themselves on what appears to be a mobile phone as they leave their home country.

There were a few surprises in the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan, which built up to the couple’s wedding day in 2018. However, the teaser suggests that the final three will have the most regal resonance.