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Several Sony smartphones are now receiving Android 13 updates

Sony’s smartphones aren’t necessarily the most well-known on the market, but they have a certain allure that keeps its loyal fans coming back for more. Their 21:9 screen ratio is unique among smartphones, and many people think Sony’s implementation of Android is the finest of its kind since it stays visually similar to pure Android while adding helpful features. Sony has been hinting at the impending arrival of the Android 13 update for its smartphones for a while now, and it appears to finally be making its way to the company’s products.

Reddit users have reported that Sony’s Xperia 1 IV, Xperia 5 IV, Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 III, and Xperia Pro-I are receiving the Android 13 update. While the update isn’t yet accessible everywhere, a rollout appears to have begun, so it should only be a matter of days (at most) until it makes its way there. Many users in the same location are saying they still don’t got the update, suggesting it may be rolling out in stages.

The update itself doesn’t seem to include any major changes, which is par for the course with Sony’s software revisions. Sony seldom makes major adjustments to the Android UI, and there’s no reason to expect that Android 13 would be any different. Per-app language options, expanded support for Material You, and other improvements were introduced with the Pixel phones, so you can expect them here as well. If you can, it’s preferable to look into it on your own because we don’t keep a changelog.

Be on the watch for an update if you own a flagship Xperia handset released within the previous few of years.