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Discover two of the 12 burgeoning businesses making pitches at the Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day

On January 11, 2023, The Cross Chain Coalition will host its Web3 Demo Day, where you may meet a dozen up-and-coming firms that are shaping the future of Web3 infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, and gaming apps. Twelve projects from the world’s fastest-growing sector will present their work at this free online event.

Every company will get the chance to pitch in front of a panel of prominent industry investors and entrepreneurs for five minutes each.

Do you want to check out the latest creations of some of the most promising young Web3 entrepreneurs? You must travel there to get knowledge. Simply sign up now and tune in on January 11 to take advantage of this simple and free offer.

Which new businesses do you expect to see making headlines? We are now able to announce two of the twelve projects.

Cynthia Alexander and Mariale Montenegro’s Mentaport is a gaming infrastructure platform that allows developers to rapidly and easily build context-aware smart contracts and on-chain parameters for digital assets. It simplifies the process of creating rules and triggers for NFTs that are responsive to factors such as location, time, and more. The company’s creators want to usher in a new era of blockchain-powered entertainment.

Meet Justin Bojarski and Bankole Omodunbi, the creators of Verbwire. These ex-Wall Street hedge fund traders spent decades there before leaving to aid the next million+ developers in their transition to Web3. In January, they’ll release a tool that makes developing and deploying smart contracts accessible to people of all skill levels.

Come witness for yourself what 12 ambitious new ventures have been working on since January 11th. Jointly produced by the Cross Chain Coalition and the Web3 Foundation, the Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day will take place on January 11, 2023.