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The production of several of Spotify’s live audio shows is coming to an end

Spotify appears to be pulling back on its live audio goals, as the firm has ceased production on a number of its live audio shows. A corporate representative has verified the cancellation of “Deux Me After Dark,” “Doughboys: Snack Pack,” “The Movie Buff,” and “A Gay in the Life.”

The representative confirmed that both “The Fantasy Footballers” and “The Ringer MMA Show” will remain available on Spotify as live broadcasts.

In April, Spotify merged the live audio features from Spotify Greenroom with the standard Spotify app. In March of 2021, Spotify paid $62 million for Betty Labs, the company behind the app that would eventually become Greenroom. The app’s original name, Locker Room, reflected its original focus on the integration of live audio with sports programming. In June of 2021, Spotify released their revamped version of the app under the name Greenroom.

Since Spotify has been pouring a lot of resources into podcasting and related technologies in recent years, expanding into the live audio industry would have looked like an obvious next step. Clubhouse, a new audio streaming service, has seen its user base grow as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. There was a clear market for Spotify among experienced podcasters who already had audiences who would be interested in engaging in live audio conversation with their favourite hosts. However, once pandemic lockdown restrictions were lifted and people resumed to attending live events in person, the popularity of audio applications like Clubhouse began to dwindle. Therefore, Spotify’s decision to reduce its focus on live audio isn’t too shocking.

Not only has Spotify backed away from live audio, but so have other major companies. Facebook’s Clubhouse clone, Live Audio Rooms, was included into the Facebook Live experience earlier this year. Both the Soundbites feature and the Audio hub for shorter audio clips were removed from the social media giant’s platform.