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Although it is leaving the GPU market, EVGA offers fascinating glimpses behind the scenes

Three months have passed since popular graphics card manufacturer EVGA announced it was breaking off ties with Nvidia and exiting the GPU industry altogether. The disclosure sent shockwaves across the PC industry, lending credence to rumours of dissatisfaction among Nvidia’s manufacturing partners and providing some background on the company’s high costs. As the final EVGA graphics cards are sold, the business is giving customers a glimpse behind the scenes.

A visit to the engineering lab of legendary overclocker Kingpin in Taiwan, arranged by EVGA and broken by GamersNexus, gave players a rare glimpse into the process of making gaming hardware. (The sausage represents a high-end graphics card in this analogy.) The firm also provides a brief overview of its history, design ethos, and the tools it utilises to overclock and cool Nvidia’s designs to their absolute limits.

It’s a long journey, but the origin of four-way SLI can be traced back to EVGA, which will pique the attention of PC nerds everywhere. Remember how SLI from Nvidia allowed you to run several video cards on a single PC before you had to sacrifice half your power supply’s wattage and a month’s worth of rent to do so? Ten years ago, EVGA hacked the BIOS in a novel method that allowed four high-powered cards to communicate with each other on a single motherboard. You can start hearing about it about 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

Elsewhere, EVGA’s graphics card division’s final traces are becoming apparent. This prototype EVGA RTX 4090 was obtained by GamersNexus and will never be sold to the general public. However, after EVGA’s publicised split with Nvidia, one forum member is offering an EVGA-customized 4090 for sale, however it is no longer being referred to as a 4090.

PCGamer discovered the listing. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will get one hundred percent of the sale price. The highest unconfirmed offer as of this writing was $9,600. Best of luck.