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AI is being introduced to live chat customer service by Zoom

Zoom, a leading video conferencing platform, recently announced an AI-powered “intelligent conversational” live chat solution.

Zoom Virtual Agent was announced at a keynote event and detailed in a blog post on the Zoom website. Its goal is to help businesses provide better customer service at lower costs by reducing the amount of time customers spend on the phone with human representatives.

While company chatbots are nothing new, Zoom claims that its new offering is powered by “proprietary AI” and machine learning to naturally process language, whereas many existing solutions rely on “extensive” manual coding.

Professional Artificial Intelligence Chatbot from Zoom

It is expected that Zoom Virtual Agent, which will be included as part of the company’s own CCaaS, Zoom Contact Center, will integrate with a wide range of live chat, CRM, and CCaaS solutions.

Zoom acquired Solvvy, a conversational AI company, in 2022, prompting this announcement. Zoom’s head of digital customer experience and former Solvvy CEO, Mahesh Ram, spoke almost entirely in jargon when praising the new chatbot.

To improve their bottom line and provide better omnichannel solutions for their customers, “every leader I speak to is looking to their CX [customer experience] technology,” he said.

“Think of the possibilities if, just weeks after launching, half or more of your self-service interactions could be quickly and accurately resolved. Solvvy has provided these results for numerous industry leaders.

In a nutshell, Ram thinks that Zoom Virtual Agent will aid the growth of online startups by resolving an essential issue for them as soon as possible, while also assisting traditional businesses in saving money, perhaps through reduced personnel costs.

Although the success rate of 50% may not be as impressive as Ram claims, the customers who have used Solvvy in the past appear to be convinced.

We’ve always appreciated Mahesh and his crew’s hard work; they boosted our support to new heights with unprecedented self-service success rates. SeatGeek’s CX tools specialist, Marissa Morley, expressed her company’s anticipation for the new Zoom Virtual Agent.