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I wish I could afford to purchase this gorgeous DualSense PS5 controller

To celebrate the close of 2022, Sony presented PlayStation staff with a special PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

As part of a “Christmas present” from Sony to “enjoy a wonderful 2022,” Insomniac Games senior manager Aaron Jason Espinoza posted images of the updated DualSense controller.

Gorgeous “Play Has No Limits” controller with PlayStation button forms on the touchpad and grips and “Play Has No Limits 2022” printed on the back. Along with it, you’ll find a black display stand with the year “2022.

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Yes, please

Where can I get one of these controllers? was the first thought that sprang into my head when I saw it.

To my dismay, the revised controller is not yet available for purchase; nevertheless, there is a remote probability that it may be made accessible to customers in the near future. Sony marked the PlayStation brand’s 20th anniversary with the launch of a limited-edition PlayStation 4 PS1. Although this was was reserved for Sony workers only, it is now for sale to the general public.

Sony, however, has not confirmed this for the 2022 limited-edition controller. And since it’s tailored to the year, I have little expectation that it will ever be made accessible to the public.