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Zoom virtual events are undergoing a significant upgrade

Zoom has introduced a new event management tool to aid in the creation of sessions for online conferences, without the need for organisers to either compromise on quality or spend more money than required.

The video conferencing firm said that a “one size fits all” strategy was ineffective since consumers’ expectations of digital experiences had changed.

The new Zoom Sessions feature is intended to improve branding, analytics, and interactions, which in turn will increase return on investment.

Using Zoom for Conferences

Product features include analytics, automation tools, integrations, collaborative tools, interactive elements, and branded materials that may be used for single-session events.

Sessions, which are currently for sale, fall between Zoom Webinars, from which they were derived, and Zoom Meetings, a more expensive but feature-rich option. Licenses start at $990(£730) per year and scale up in price based on the number of participants.

In order to facilitate pre-event, in-progress, and post-event collaboration among event organisers, Zoom has made its “backstage” space accessible to Zoom Sessions for events requiring several co-hosts.

Support for movies up to 30 hours in length, branded virtual backdrops, and interactive features like Q&A, polls, and quizzes are all standard with Zoom Sessions.

Zoom, like many video conferencing systems, periodically releases new goods. However, unlike its competitors, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, Zoom routinely applies upgrades to make allbusiness-and personal-oriented plans better and more secure.