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You can attempt to create your own radio station using YouTube Music

The streaming music app’s radio. As listeners, we can laugh at this harmless anachronism. Someone we don’t know personally chooses a few songs for us to listen to based on the slightest hint of an interest we’ve given them, whether it in a certain genre, artist, album, or even song. Boom! A magical radio station, if you will. However, you could soon be able to add a few more elements to your radio stew with the help of YouTube Music.

Some users have heard about a new feature called “Create a radio,” which will primarily appeal to them because of a call-to-action card that appears on the home screen.

Users may select musicians to add to their station, just as they would during initial setup, and then go on to a screen where they can decide whether their mix consists of mostly popular songs or more obscure ones, as well as toggles for deep cuts, moods, and other seasonings. The process concludes with the creation of a playlist.

The function apparently cannot be added to a user’s library, as pointed out by u/notjhoan and a few other individuals who have this feature on the r/YoutubeMusic subreddit. It’s also a decision to play Mäneskin’s “Beggin'” on a radio station full of Korean pop music. Also, as our neighbours at 9to5Google point out, it’s cumbersome to have the playlist’s name be a list of the artists’ names alone; Google’s developers, take note: add a title field to the playlist-making process. Thanks.

Features used in A/B testing aren’t guaranteed to be around. However, Spotify has dabbled in this idea occasionally for fun, so YouTube Music may want to put some serious coin on the table.