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With 88% off this top-rated resume building tool, defeat applicant tracking systems

It’s a full-time job just looking for work, and a good résumé may speed up the process. In addition to helping you get the job you desire, a resumé maker like HipCV provides in-depth information on the people who will be reviewing your application materials.

A résumé that works with both ATSs and human recruiters is the first step. HipCV is a text formatting and resume-writing app that has been featured as Product Hunt’s Product of the Day. It provides you with a variety of pre-written phrases to assist you convey your intended meaning. Similarly, it may format your cover letters so that they seem the same throughout all of your applications.

When you’re ready to hit “send,” a slew of helpful apps will keep track of the positions you’ve applied for and the current status of those applications. Your resume is constantly viewable in a browser as a PDF, and analytics will inform you when people have accessed it.

A strong CV is essential when applying for jobs or making a career change. HipCV’s lifetime Pro Plan saves job seekers$99, or 88% off, while easing the burdens of the application and interview processes.