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Elon Musk’s $8 per month Twitter Blue subscription is returning, but it will cost more on iOS and require phone number verification

Previously it was claimed that the subscription will cost $8 per month on the web, but $11 per month on the iOS App Store to compensate for the 30 percent cut Apple gets from in-app sales. If you want to show that you’re a paid member of Blue and have your profile marked as “verified,” you’ll need to provide Blue with a phone number. Changing your “handle, display name, or profile photo” will also result in the label being removed until your account is assessed again.

The firm said in a thread on Twitter that paying users will have access to a variety of new features, including the blue verified badge, the ability to edit tweets, the capacity to post 1080p videos, and reader mode. The business promises future updates including fewer advertisements and enhanced prioritising of search results and responses.

Twitter also said that it will be switching out the “official” label it experimented with during the previous Blue push for a gold checkmark for corporations and a grey checkmark for “government and multilateral accounts” by the end of the week.

Twitter product manager Esther Crawford has stated that the introduction of phone verification prior to receiving a blue checkmark is an effort to reduce impersonation.