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Windows 11 might introduce a contentious new Notepad feature

The Notepad programme in Windows 11 may get a facelift in the form of tabs, if a leaked build is any indication (we’ll get to the naysayers in a moment).

A Microsoft employee tweeted about the upcoming addition of tabs to Notepad, along with an image of the tabbed interface in the preview build of Notepad.

The screenshot was accompanied by a warning not to talk about the new features or take screenshots, so when Twitter caught wind of the leak, the tweet was promptly removed.

Since tabs just recently made their way into File Explorer, their inclusion in Windows 11 is not shocking. If you’re not familiar with tabs and how they function, File Explorer and Notepad’s tabs are identical to the ones in your web browser.

They let you perform things like open many tabs in a single browser window or several folders in a single instance of File Explorer. Multiple files may be seen in a single instance of Notepad.

Worry about becoming fat

While it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that tabs have made their way into yet another part of Windows 11 considering Microsoft’s goal to make more use of them outside the browser, their inclusion in Notepad is nevertheless rather unexpected. After all, it’s hardly the most advanced programme, and its guiding principle is to make writing and revising as simple as possible.

Users of Notepad, however, will no sure be pleased to hear that the programme has gotten a lot of love in Windows 11. That features a more contemporary look (rounded edges), new fonts, and a dark option, so any revisions shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

If tabs are necessary for Notepad, it is a matter of opinion. Some users are pleased with the addition, arguing that the capability should have been included in Notepad all along since it is included in other comparable text editors. As for the latter group, they are concerned that Microsoft will continue to add unnecessary features to the app in light of recent events (and maybe future ones as well). People are worried that Notepad will become more complicated and time-consuming to use than it is now.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that this update is still in the testing phase. You can’t assume that anything that’s being tested internally will make it into the final product. Cynics would even say that this leak was intentionally made public to see how people would respond to the update. Still, it seems to be a future possibility.