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In crisp leaks, Motorola’s laptop-inspired ThinkPhone appears prepared for the workplace

We’ve chosen our top mobile devices of 2022, and excitement is mounting for forthcoming releases like the OnePlus 11, Samsung Galaxy S23, and others. We’ve got at least one early 2023 flagship on the radar, and it’s from Lenovo-owned Motorola, which leaked some concept photos and speculated specs a few weeks ago. Recently released images provide the clearest look at the Motorola ThinkPhone to date.

Motorola’s ThinkPhone, as the name indicates, takes design cues from Lenovo’s legendary ThinkPad notebook line. SnoopyTech on Twitter reports that the ThinkPhone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC and will ship with Android 13. This is consistent with what we’ve heard in the past regarding the device’s specifications.

Other notable features include 68W fast charging capabilities, a wireless charging dock attachment similar to Google’s Pixel Stand, and a red button on the phone’s left side that is evocative of the TrackPoint pointing stick seen on ThinkPad notebooks. Although many of the pictures are of locations we’ve seen previously, the newer ones are considerably more clear and enjoyable due to the removal of watermarks and improved quality.

Given Motorola’s penchant for Android, even on inexpensive phones, we anticipate a nearly stock Android experience. Motorola’s next smartphone may just be an existing hot seller reskinned to meet Lenovo’s ThinkPad identity, despite the ThinkPhone’s fake carbon fibre back panel and red button. ​​​​​​​