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We may soon learn anything about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2; here’s why

We may soon learn more about Insomniac Games’ upcoming web-slinging adventure, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as the game’s PlayStation Store page has been discovered.

A PlayStation Store UK entry for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was there at one point, as noted by Twitter user Wario64. This allowed gamers to preorder the upcoming PS5 exclusive. Since Wario64’s tweet, the page has apparently been removed, since clicking on the link now returns a 404 Not Found warning. However, the page is still accessible via Google’s search engine. It’s unknown whether or not the page was mistakenly made public.

The Community Director for Insomniac Games, James Stevenson, recently posted a cryptic graphic from the game’s official trailer showing Peter Parker and Miles Morales standing side by side, adding fuel to the flames.

Many fans have assumed that the simultaneous appearance of the gif picture and the wishlist website is a deliberate attempt to get them excited about something to come. Despite the lack of formal confirmation, it seems likely that we will soon learn more about the long-awaited return of the web-shooting crusader.

Feelings like a spider’s web

For Spider-Man, a normal day consists of swinging from building to building, whaling on evil dudes, and scrambling up the exterior wall of your apartment building in time for supper. The first game in this series of vigilante justice games made a big sensation in 2018, and if the trailer is any indication, the sequel will do the same.

Is there any reason to hope that we could learn something new right now? Why should we get our hopes up when all we have is a gif and a dead Google link? Nadji Jeter, who voices Miles Morales in the Spider-Man movies and video games, has been rather active on his own Twitter, so that may be a clue.

Jeter retweeted a post from the official Spider-Man account from September 2021, which is a rather in-depth dig to promote a teaser from a year ago. Jeter has been pushing a variety of products to his 28,600 followers, not just this one. The day before, on December 7th, he retweeted a remark from developer Insomniac Games to a fan who was repeating the original game, in which they claimed it was the “ideal moment to jump in again.”

It appears like Insomniac Games is dropping hints about upcoming news, what with the PlayStation Store website and a single gif created by James Stevenson, though this may just be wishful thinking.

What we know so far

Since the release of the first Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2012, very little information regarding the sequel has been made public.

Marvel’s Creative Vice President Bill Rosemann said in a 2021 podcast interview that the sequel will have a darker, grittier tone, drawing comparisons to the film’s style in Empire Strikes Back. Based on the teaser shown at the PlayStation Showcase the same year, we know that Venom will be a major bad guy in this sequel, and that he will go after Peter Parker and Miles Morales all across New York City. To further support Rosemann’s claim that the Spider-Man sequel will be darker in tone, we now know that horror star Tony Todd, who voiced the original Candyman in the 1992 slasher flick, will be portraying Venom.

In addition, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is confirmed to be a PS5 exclusive, with no current plans to release the game on PC or older systems (though the latter is likely at some point). Since we haven’t learned anything new as of now, we can only hope that the leaked PlayStation Store website will be updated soon.