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Twitter now displays the quantity of tweet views

Similarly to how YouTube tracks how many times a film has been seen, Twitter will soon roll out a tool that displays the number of times your tweets have been viewed.

“Twitter is launching View Count, which will show you how many times a tweet has been viewed. Elon Musk said in a tweet, “This is typical for video.” The fact that over 90% of Twitter users read but don’t tweet, react, or like (all public behaviours) demonstrates how much more active Twitter is than meets the eye.

Tweet metrics that go beyond likes, retweets, and quotes are already available on Twitter. You may examine how many people visited your profile or expanded the contents of a quote tweet by clicking “see Tweet statistics” under a tweet you made. The total number of impressions, or “Times this Tweet was seen on Twitter,” may also be shown.

The new views feature differs from its predecessor in that all users, not only the account owner, may see the user’s opinions.

It will take some time for this function to be sent out to all users, so some users may not have access to it just yet. Nima Owji, a researcher working on the reverse app, demonstrates how the functionality would look in practise; she also notes that it appears to be limited to tweets published after December 15.

Twitter’s product launches have been hit-or-miss; just a week ago, posting a link to your Instagram would get you temporarily banned. Things didn’t stay that way for very long. Thankfully, Twitter has been focusing on less contentious (or low-key authoritarian) feature announcements over the past several days. Twitter’s cashtag system was modified on Wednesday, allowing users to quickly view the price of a stock or cryptocurrency by entering a cashtag such as $ETH or $GOOG into the search box.