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These updated Google Meet filters resemble something from a nightmare

Google Meet, the company’s video conferencing software, has introduced three new face filters, all of which are, without exception, very off-putting.

According to a post on the Google Workspace Updates blog, Google Meet participants who so want can now assume the persona of a log, a strawberry, or a bunny when conferencing.

These, along with the rest of Google Meet’s effects, may be accessed before and after a hybrid meeting via the effects panel in Google Meet.

Oh no, Lord

Thankfully, admin controls have arrived to the rescue, allowing the organization’s leaders to decide whether or not the impacts will be made available to all employees. It’s only fair that they’re turned off by default for Google Workspace Education customers, while users on other Google Workspace plans have them turned on.

The new effects have been rolling out for the past fifteen days, starting on the 21st of December. The short answer is no.

This is the far edge of the weirdness and distress that Google Meet can produce. There are also virtual backdrops, so that users may make it look like they’re working in the middle of a snowstorm or on a tropical beach, or simple blurs, so that users can cover up the mess in their crowded offices.

We’re not trying to imply that the new filters are good (they’re not), but it would be nice if our managers didn’t feel the need to inject a sense of humour into the quarterly sales report meeting during a downturn.