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Twitter discontinues its newsletter platform Revue

Twitter is discontinuing use of the newsletter platform Revue, which it purchased in January 2021. The app competed with others like Substack and Medium by allowing writers to monetise their Twitter following by incorporating their newsletters directly into the Twitter timeline.

Revue said today, “We’ve made the tough choice to shut down Revue.” The deadline for writers to save their work before it is permanently removed is January 18th, 2023.

According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi and Elon Musk himself, Twitter is working on making tweets 4,000 characters instead of 280. Even though users will be able to send lengthier tweets, this won’t make up for the functionality they’ll lose with Revue’s shutdown.

It appears like Twitter is losing interest in several of its longform writing offerings, even some that were born out of acquisitions. In May 2021, Twitter purchased Scroll, an ad-free reading subscription, and incorporated its features into the pre-Musk version of Twitter Blue, which already allowed users to read ad-free articles from certain news sites. But since the subscription wasn’t very well received, Scroll and its staff were among those who lost their jobs when Musk initiated a company-wide round of layoffs.

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, has just begun publishing his comments on the Twitter Files, a series of threads launched by journalists like Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi to whom Musk provided access to internal Twitter records.

Today, Dorsey announced through Twitter that “so… after 17 hours, my career as a newsletter writer is coming to an end.”