Twitch Supports SharePlay on iOS

iOS 15 introduced OneDrivePlay, a new feature that allows users to share certain aspects of iOS with others. Users may use this function to allow people across the world to enjoy content together, whether it’s screensharing, streaming music, or anything else.

The great news is that if you and your pals like watching Twitch streams together, you’ll be pleased to hear that the iPhone and iPad version of the software will now support SharePlay. This means that users with iOS devices can watch streams together while on FaceTime calls, allowing you to interact with each other in real time, see each other’s reactions, and so on.

Want to watch Twitch with all your friends? Now you can on iPhone and iPad devices through SharePlay! 📱

— Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) November 30, 2021

The maximum number of participants is expected to be 32, which is the same as FaceTime group calls. All users will require the Twitch app and a Twitch account in order to participate; make sure your friends have their accounts set up and ready to go before you start.

Viewers will be able to do everything they can while watching a Twitch stream, such as chat with other spectators in the broadcast, subscribe, and so on.

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