Top Rated Commercial Canister Dry Vacuums

Commercial vacuum cleaners are also termed as an Industrial vacuum cleaner. These industrial vacuum cleaners face a variety of cleaning tasks which a regular vacuum can't even think about it.

To serve like that, industrial vacuum cleaners are built to be highly durable. They are made of high-quality materials and heavy-duty components which enhances their life-span.

These commercial vacuum cleaners come in a variety of design and styles as per your need of use. There are various types/styles of vacuums available in the market that includes dry-wet vacuums, single motor vacuums, dual motor vacuums, cordless vacuums, dry vacuums, canister vacuums, wide-area vacuums, multi-surface vacuums and upright vacuums. While in this article, our eyes will be on heavy-duty canister dry vacuums.

But still, there are various brands available in the market with different models. So going with one brand and most importantly one model is a difficult task. But in this article, we'll provide you a detailed review of some top and best selling heavy duty dry canister vacuum cleaner.

 And belief is, after reading this content you'll be able to pick one model easily. Just make sure that the model you choose meets all your needs. So without any delay, let's get started.

A brand like Bissell Needs no introduction. Everyone knows that Bissell manufactures some great vacuum cleaners and carpet washers which are amazing in their performance. This Bissell BigGreen vacuum is a commercial/industrial vacuum cleaner. It comes with powerful suction, lightweight design and multi-speed vacuum with lots of tools and accessories. 

The device is equipped with a 2-speed 1200 watts powerful motor that gives controllable suction. The motor is quiet and has a noise level of 60 dB. The device has three-stage filtration which properly cleans your workplace. While the storage of dirtbag is also good, i.e., 7.3 liters (1.94 gallons). 

This is a good figure which also means you don't have to empty the bag again and again. It has a long telescopic wand and also 8 feet long upholstery hose. The unit has a 50 feet long replaceable power cord and comes in a dimension of 13.8 x 15.35 x 15.35 inches. Besides this, some other features like non-marring wheels, adjustable handle, onboard tool storage, power-on light, and handy carrying handle makes it a must buy product.

Many of you may not be aware by the brand Sebo, but this company has been manufacturing some top quality vacuum cleaners from many years in Germany. And for this time, we've its Airbelt D4 Black premium vacuum cleaner. This appliance features powerful suction with low noise, an ergonomic design, and a large cleaning radius. 

This device is equipped with a powerful 1250 watts (12 amp) which feature a 95-inch water lift. The device has a quiet operation with a noise level of about 63 dB. It has an amazing 50-foot cleaning radius which provides you with a large cleaning range. Along with this, it has a tapered hose and 320° rotating canister connection which gives great airflow and superb maneuverability. 

It comes with a large 1.5 gallons dirtbag that means you get sufficient storage and you don't have to empty it regularly. For proper cleaning, it has Hospital-grade S-Class filtration which keeps dirt and germs away from surroundings. Other features like a full bag/clog indicator, LED suction-level indicator, and 40-foot retractable power cord makes it a quality product.

Hoover is one of the top brands in the market when it comes over vacuum cleaners. And for this time, we've it's Hoover CH32008 Hush Tone canister vacuum cleaner which is a reliable product for commercial uses. It has got a lightweight design, HEPA filtration, extra long cleaning radius, and quiet daytime operating capability.

The device is equipped with a powerful 10 amperes two-speed motor that ensures constant suction. The operation of the motor is quite as well, with a noise level of 62 dB. This vacuum cleaner is built with HEPA filtration system which is known for trapping dirt and allergens down to 0.3 microns by size. 

For easy and quick movement of the unit, it comes with non-marring 3.25-inch rubberized wheels. Looking at specs, the product weighs 11.6 pounds and comes in a compact dimension of 15 x 16 x 16 inches. While the size of filter bags is also large, i.e., 9.5 dry quarts, this means you don't have to replace bags frequently. Beside this, it comes with a 50 feet long power cord and 1-year limited warranty. Overall, it's another great option.

This is the second Hoover model we're reviewing in this article. And it's none other than ‘Hoover CH30000’ PortsPower vacuum. It is a corded, bagged, compact, commercial canister-type vacuum cleaner. Being a commercial vacuum, you can use this appliance at hotels, workshops, construction site, office buildings and many more. This appliance is built with a 120 Volt, 7.4 amp powerful motor that produces 2.2 peak HP.

This powerful motor is capable of delivering a super strong suction, which removes all dirt and debris instantly and gives you a clean surrounding. Looking at specs, this product weighs just about 8.2 pounds and shares dimension of 20.9 x 12.5 x 7.3 inches. By looking this figure, that's pretty sure it's a compact model so you'll face no issues while carrying and moving it. 

It comes with a 33 feet long power cord, stretch flexible hose, two-piece metal wand for extra reach and some other important attachments as well. For stocking dust and dirt, it has reusable 3-layer cloth bag which is very easy to clean and replace. Also, there is an option to use paper bags. Overall, a great product with compact structure.

The brand NuSave claims that they are the leader in ’Green’ vacuum cleaners. These green indicates that they are energy-efficient models. You get the same cleaning performance by saving about ⅓ of energy. Not only energy-efficient, this vacuum has powerful suction, large durable tank, 5-year warranty and quiet operation. This vacuum is equipped with a single-stage, single-speed 680 watts motor with 0.9 HP that provides vacuum suction of 1200W machine, by consuming ⅓ less energy.

This appliance comes with an Autosave feature which operates vacuum at low power for increasing energy savings. Beside this, the vacuum has 100-inch of water lift and 120 CFM airflow. One thing which we like about this device is 0.3-micron TRITEX + HEPA-FLO filtration, which purifies your air and gives you a hygienic environment. Actually, it removes all dirt and allergens from your place and improves air quality. 

It comes with a polypropylene tank which provides lightweight design and maximum durability. The noise level of the device operation is also normal with 47/29 dB(A) level. You are provided with a 33 foot power cord which can be wrapped onboard storage. Overall, another great option for the buyers.

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