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Three new revenue streams for freelancers have just been added to Linktree

Paywall support for creators monetizing their work on Linktree is a new addition, but this site hosting option has more in store.

Fans and supporters already have access to a tip jar through Support Me links, but the new “Buy Me a Gift” tool works similarly to Ko-fi (opens in new tabone-time )’s “buy a coffee” feature to show appreciation in a simple, straightforward, and account-free manner.

Additionally, users of Linktree can now integrate SendOwl content links (created with an account on the service) into a browseable carousel, and a Bonfire storefront can be displayed directly on a user’s page to sell merchandise, expanding on the functionality provided by existing Paypal, Square, and Shopify integrations for online store functionality.

One noticeable distinction between the Buy Me a Gift feature and the tip jar capability already available via Linktree’s Support Me links is that the value of a “gift” may be determined by the Linktree user themselves. The audience may then choose to support the artist in one, two, or even three ways.

Also, users may now showcase individual SendOwl links on their Linktree page, in addition to the embeddable shops that allow supporters to simply purchase individual goods or explore all of a user’s products.

Considering both SendOwl and Bonfire host their own shopping carts, you can be certain that you’re dealing with reputable companies when you make a purchase.

Users may get further information about how to set up the new integrations by visiting the SendOwl and Bonfire sections of their respective Linktree accounts’ administrative settings.