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To link Twitter accounts with cryptocurrency wallets, Addressable raises $7.5 million. Yet how?

Marketo, which was created in part to improve marketing to social network users, was bought by Adobe. A new company is aiming to achieve for Web3 what Marketo did for Web2 back in 2010.

An anonymous cryptocurrency wallet and a user’s social media profile may soon be linked, according to Addressable, a business that uses digital fingerprinting to do just that. It is so confident in its ability to achieve this that it claims to have successfully linked the Twitter accounts of 17 million cryptocurrency wallet owners.

It’s a lot to ask, but we’ll get back to that

At least there is some optimism among investors right now. Viola Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Mensch Capital Partners, and North Island Ventures led the $7.5 million Seed round funding.

Due to the anonymity provided by cryptocurrency wallets, Web3 marketers have no way of knowing demographic information about their audience, like as age, location, or previous purchases. This is the issue that Addressable claims to be resolving. To some extent, that was the idea, right?

Addressable promises to be able to overcome this problem by linking social media profiles to anonymous blockchain audiences by analysing several metrics of blockchain activity that have been shown to have a correlation with social media engagement. Marketers may then use Twitter to reach out to people who have crypto wallets to advertise games, conferences, and so on, enhancing the efficiency and return on investment of their advertising campaigns by focusing on consumers more inclined to make purchases.

This required analysis of data from over a billion cryptocurrency wallets and a hundred million social media profiles, followed by the development of algorithms to match the data.

Tomer Sharonim, now CEO and co-founder, worked at Salt Security as vice president of product. Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Tomer Shlomo’s resume includes stints at Synamedia and others. Asaf Nadler, Ph.D., is the co-founder and chief scientist at the company. He formerly worked at Akamai Technologies., according to Sharoni, faces competition from other Web3 CRM firms like Blaze, Cookie3, Kazm, and Absolute Labs, all of which aim to reactivate dormant customers by monitoring and interacting with the company’s current on-chain user base.

He argues that Addressable stands out because it provides a “more holistic and complete approach by unlocking all Web3 on-chain users.”