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This strange VR microphone resembles a torture tool from the Middle Ages

Look. I won’t criticise VR since it’s only an idea. There’s no doubting the fact that it gives a lot of people in the world life-changing opportunities. However, this VR microphone, which made its premiere at CES 2023, appears like something out of a mediaeval torture chamber and is really bizarre. Even while I get the intention behind the design to facilitate better VR conversation, I find myself unable to see beyond the aesthetic. The persons seen in the image below seem to take great pleasure in donning what can only be described as an absolute absurdity. Huh?

The Mutalk gadget is meant to lessen the amount of outside noise and sound leakage in virtual reality settings. Similar to a muzzle for a dog or a feed bag for a horse, it is worn over the mouth. It functions similarly to noise-cancelling headphones, only it fits over the user’s upper lip. The microphone inside boosts your speech in virtual reality while the soundproofing keeps outside noise at bay. If you want to have discreet chats in VR, this is the tool for you. Sure, that would be useful in a corporate meeting or something, but I’m still not convinced.

The manufacturer, Shiftall, claims that the device’s battery would last for more than 10 hours of continuous use. The Mutalk doesn’t appear like it would be very comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. Similarly, I’m not sure I’d want random folks to witness me using this device in public. For my tastes, it’s a little too radical to be really interesting. However, take the muzzle off and enjoy yourself in VRChat if that’s your thing.