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A recent Xbox Series X update may reduce your energy costs

Xbox Series X now has access to a new sustainable power-saving strategy that claims to be up to 20x more efficient than the previous power consumption settings.

As of now, all Xbox Insiders with an Xbox One S may take advantage of a new shutdown update that aims to reduce standby power usage. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, dubbed the “first carbon-aware console,” has a sustainability mode that allows users to download updates and games while consuming far less power than normal during sleep.

For comparison, the Xbox Series X consumes around 10-15W in standby mode. The updated sleep mode consumes just 0.5W of power while maintaining all necessary features.

The new shutdown mode isn’t only for Xbox Insiders on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S; the upgrade is now available for Xbox One consoles. This implies that, if you’re trying to save money on Microsoft’s legacy platforms, and are an Xbox Insider member, you’re also catered to. Be aware that using this feature on older systems can lengthen the time it takes to boot.

The new Carbon Aware release also includes enhancements for use throughout the day. When you put your Xbox into shutdown mode, you may choose exactly when it will be active and when it will go to sleep. Thus, you may be more selective about when you use the system on a daily basis by adjusting the periods you access it.

There is currently no official information on when this update will become available for all Xbox platforms, but we will keep you informed as more information becomes available. Since March, Microsoft has been putting out significant effort into Xbox Sustainability Efforts, and we’ve highlighted how the company is also considering new graphical settings to save money. Long-term gamers who worry about their electricity cost may find these options useful.