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This clever ring guarantees to explain to women the “why” behind their emotions

Movano, a healthcare technology firm, has released Evie, a smart ring made with women in mind. However, the FDA has not yet given its stamp of approval to the futuristic ring’s design, despite the ring’s claims to being a wearable. If and when this happens, Evie will be a sophisticated medical tool for monitoring vital signs like pulse oximetry and heart rate.

In October 2022, Movano says the ring will have completed a hypoxic study, proving its accuracy for clinical SpO2 and heart rate is up to FDA requirements. However, Evie has enhancements beyond those seen in competing wearables.

The ring may be used to keep tabs on a woman’s basal body temperature, as well as her menstrual cycle, ovulation, and associated symptoms. The makers of Movano hope it would help women “better comprehend the why behind what they are experiencing.”

Steps, active minutes, calories burnt, sleep phases, total sleep time, and even mood may all be tracked as part of a more comprehensive activity monitoring system.

The Evie ring will make a return appearance at CES 2023 in early January. The name and cost weren’t finalised until after its debut at CES 2022. Although originally scheduled for release in 2022, Evie will now hit shelves in 2023. The business claims the price would be less than $300 and there will be no ongoing membership charges.