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Google Assistant on Android Auto appears to have issues with Android 13

It seems that there have been some issues with Android Auto and the most recent version of Google’s operating system.

About the middle of the month, a post was started asking for assistance with Android Auto because users were having trouble with Google Assistant requests. The “Hey Google” command, which activates the Assistant’s figurative ears starting with version8.5.624594, is the major source of complaints from users. This defect manifests itself when the Assistant’s bottom bar disappears entirely in response to a command.

Both Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones are affected by this bug. Some Sony smartphones, including the Xperia 5 III, are having trouble with Android Auto’s voice command features, as reported by one user. Recent speculation has focused on the possibility that Android Auto disconnects and reconnects every time a voice command is used due to a conflict between Android 13 and Android Auto.

However, the user did discover that by holding down the Google Assistant button on their steering wheel or the mic symbol on the centre console’s touch screen, voice instructions were correctly processed. Further investigation suggests this is a major flaw in the present Android Auto version. They have tried erasing Android Auto’s cache and re-pairing their phone to the vehicle, but to no avail.

We’ve heard reports like this before, so it’s not a surprise that Android Auto doesn’t appear to pay attention to voice instructions from Google Assistant. One user discovered that the AI assistant listened to their questions but did nothing when they asked it to finish them.

The problems persist, since the updated “Coolwalk” version of Android Auto has been sluggish to reach customers, even the beta testers. With Coolwalk, customers received a significant update, including split-screen support across devices and Google Assistant-powered recommendations for music and messaging based on context. However, just a tiny percentage of our survey respondents have actually downloaded the new version. The data suggests Google has only released it to certain auto parts.